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Training: Train-the-Trainer
The inCLASS Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Program is designed for individuals who are officially certified reliable on the inCLASS Observation Training, and would like to become an inCLASS Trainer for their organization/project/group.
The inCLASS TTT Program is two consecutive days for at least eight hours each day for up to 10 participants. The TTT Participants may be required to complete additional work before or after the training dates.
Fees associated with the inCLASS TTT Program are:
  1. The purchase, shipping and related administrative efforts for all of the inCLASS TTT materials ($1000),
  2. The compensation for expert trainer consultation ($1000), and
  3. The cost for travel and other accommodations for the inCLASS TTT trainer (TBD).
Therefore, the total cost of the inCLASS TTT Program is $2000, plus travel costs.
Participant Resources
Each participant will receive an inCLASS TTT binder with all relevant training materials to conduct the inCLASS Observation Training, and access to the inCLASS training segments for one year after the training date.

Detailed information is provided in the TTT Training agreement.
Have additional questions or interested in scheduling? Contact the inCLASS Project directly.