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The inCLASS observation system requires extensive training for researchers and teachers to use reliably in early childhood classrooms.
  • Trainings for the inCLASS are conducted by trainers certified by CASTL only.
  • Official coding manuals are available for purchase as part of the inCLASS training package only.
What inCLASS trainings are available?
Observation Training
The inCLASS Observation Training is designed for individuals who would like to become certified reliable on the inCLASS measure. Initial certification is for one year followed by yearly reliability recertification. Learn More
Train the Trainer
The inCLASS Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Program is designed for individuals who are officially certified reliable on the inCLASS Observation Training, and would like to become an inCLASS Trainer for their organization, project, or group. Learn More
What other resources are available?
Support for individuals who are trained to use the inCLASS include 15 practice or calibration segments, accompanying mastercoded justification forms, and individual consultation from a certified inCLASS trainer. Please see the Observation Training Agreement for more information.